Ten Great Places To Find Out About Upcoming Product Launches

Exclusive Bonus From John Thornhill

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Free Report From Stuart Turnbull

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Is The Money In The List

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I’m sure we’ve all heard it said many times before…and I’m sure we can all hear the echo of the experienced Marketers shouting “The Money is in the Relationship with the Subscriber on the List” But before you can start building your list of … [Continue reading]

How Color Affects Your Business

colour wheel

Marketing starts with color. Close your eyes and imagine any world-known website. What do you see? We bet it’s an abstract image of the page, consisting of multi-colored blobs, or maybe the brand’s logo (the examples of good logos can be found at … [Continue reading]

ePublishing Roadmap by Robert Corrigan

The best ideas are often the simple ones and the best of these are the set and forget opportunities, you know the ones, you do the work once and then get paid for years to come. You may already be aware that Amazon has created a revolution with its … [Continue reading]

I Made $16k In Affiliate Sales With No Subscriber List…Using A Simple System Anyone Can Copy

*** BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AS YOU ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS *** Have you spent lots of time and money trying to promote someone elses product as an affiliate? Have you done this without much sucsess? You have yet to make it on to a top … [Continue reading]

Video Advice & Tips

So we’ve talked about planning, budgeting, finding materials, buying programs and using effects. What’s left? The rest is up to you. How you use special effects in your videos is entirely dependent on your skill level and the product, service or … [Continue reading]

Advanced Effects And When To Use Them

Advanced editing effects—menus, bullet points, scene titles, and elaborate backgrounds—are an excellent way to spice up your presentation, to make it give off an air of professionalism, and to let it stand out from the rest of the direct sales sites … [Continue reading]